Facilitator Offerings

Belinda-Jane has begun training practitioner/facilitators to carry the Work.
Applicants are initiated through a 12 month mentorship, facilitated by the foundation.
A five day face to face immersion is followed by online learning incorporating 50 Sacred Sunday lessons, whereby activation is achieved.
Upon completion, graduates offer their highest version of the work, in contribution and service.
A masters program may be entered into, upon acceptance.

The Elements of Life Foundations mission is to Contribute and Serve by Letting Go of everything not Divinely Designed.
Tuning directly into only what is.
Practicing Routines of Ritual to earth, anchor and activate connection with the higher self.
Everything else follows effortlessly from there.
The System is comprehensive and complete – Simply Sacred.

Indigo Joy Hunt
Founder of Elements of Being

Indigo Joy’s purpose and passion over the last 15 years has been working with children. Since training in mindfulness in 2017, she has endeavored to assist children to open their hearts and clear their minds to become all they can Be. She believes that children are unique, and a gift to us all. Being with children both personally and professionally, she has learned so much from their curiosity, growing awareness and them finding their place in the world around them. 

Indigo facilitates a sacred space for her clients, either one on one or in groups, to Let Go of what is weighing them down, and breaking their hearts. She then guides them to Tune In to the magic that always lays inside them, through Hypnotic, then creating a calm inner place of resilience. Indigo specializes in ages up to 7 within their littleness, then up to 14, where others then help them define who they are and wish to Be. Finally, from here to to 21 years, Becoming an adult in the world. 

Indigo’s offerings allow her clients to connect and discover their true essence by meeting them exactly where they are. This Being her Contribution and Service, as she facilitates for the next generation of you. 

“I don’t see children as their age, I see them as the beautiful Beings that they already are.” 

Indigo also offers a Conscious Creation Service, over 3 hours. This offering incorporates in-home loving engagement, thus allowing you time to support yourself while she supports the dynamic of the family and your children’s emotional wellbeing. Following on is a 45-minute assessment of energy flow and dynamics in the household, including a 1 hour mentoring session. This features Letting Go, Tuning In, along with heart-centered exercises. Utilising colour, breathing exercises, meditation, and dancing to shake off built up emotions. 

She looks forward to bringing you Joy.

Denby Sheather
Spiritual Mentor

I’d like to invite you to journey with me into the unknown, for I know this is the space where your peace, purpose and power reside.

For two and a half decades I have supported and mentored thousands of clients worldwide, both on and off the yoga mat. I have stretched their bodies, opened their minds and nurtured their hearts and now, after another deep dive into my own soul-filled process, I offer the simply sacred system of Hypnotic.

I believe the moment we stop learning and growing, we die; maybe not physically but definitely, energetically and consciously. My work has always been hands-on and personal, focusing on dissolving the inner stories that keep us bound to fear and living as if we are, to be honest, already dead. I don’t want you to “just exist” or “settle”; I want you to realize your fullest potential in every human moment and to show you how you can transform your “wounding into your medicine!”

My wish is for you to remember that you are a Child of God and that nobody (and no earthly experience), can ever take that away from you.

I have a beautiful and private space for you to lean into so you can express your grief, feel understood and be held as you give yourself permission to be you, and the added bonus is that within this sacred container, I will also teach you how to inspire, empower and love, yourself.

Breath by breath, you become the eye of the storm.

My services include: Movement therapy, Meditation, Hands-on healing, Bowen therapy and Spiritual Counselling. Specialist Women’s programs are available for: Eating disorders, Menstrual imbalances and Pregnancy/Birth support.

Mardi Ritchie
Founder/Owner Chakana Day Spa & Wellbeing

Having spent 25 years in spas by day and performing and writing music by night, Mardi began to feel the call to create a space where her passions for the healing powers of touch, sound/song could integrate to become a healing destination.

An introspective artist, known for her deeply spiritual treatments, Mardi’s signature Ascend treatment introduces Chakana Sound, as the heart and soul behind her work.

Here, her passion for song-writing and the healing powers of touch merge to create a multi-layered spiritual experience. It is an invitation to awaken the senses through sound, touch, scent and song. A gateway to the feeling body, to Let Go, to Tune In, to Breathe through Perfect Self-Expression, and to see through the eye of perception and beyond.

The music is a contemporary sound healing by careful and compassionate design. Written as a soundtrack for the soul.

Mardi’s touch is both wise and intuitive. You can trust that her passion lies in facilitating her clients’ gentle movement inward and reacquaintance with the extraordinary beauty that lies within

As offering to support therapy untaken within the Elements of life, Chakana is a space grounded by careful, loving intention. You can feel safe and vulnerable here, to Let Go, abandon thought, and to realign with your celestial self.

Luisa Allan
Founder of Ror The Journey & Teen Ror

Luisa has had the privilege of guiding women and teens through their personal challenges, assisting them in navigating seemingly impossible obstacles and embarking on their healing journey.
With each step, she imparts valuable tools and techniques.

True healing, she has learned, is achieved only when combining spiritual insight with practical tools.
It’s through this synergy that genuine breakthroughs occur, setting individuals free to live authentically.

Her mission is to empower women and teenagers to stand in their power and redesign their lives with a deep sense of purpose.

Through Ror The Journey, she is dedicated to creating a safe and welcoming space where discovery meets bravery, where an empowering journey towards healing and growth begins. Here, she shares tools to ignite inner strength to embrace courage, awareness, and to live with intention.

Teen Ror is Luisa’s space to support and hold teenagers and their parents — a place to equip, listen and understand. At Teen Ror everything is done ‘a la Luisa’—in a fun, uplifting, beautiful, deep, and gentle way.

She understands that being a teenager or the parent of one can come with challenges. You are not alone; she is here to walk with you every step of the way.

A note from Luisa:
“I’m excited to share this space with you. Let’s embrace the journey of healing, self discovery, and growth together.”