A Simply Sacred System

Purpose and passion.

Balancing money, time, energy and love.

Therapeutic Hypnosis.


Family, relationship and marriage counselling.

Supported separation.

Grief counseling.

Eating Disorders.


Pre-conception, Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond.

0-7 The Next Generation of You.

7-14 Becoming a Teenager.

14-21 Journey to the Self

Death Doula

Amici Mortis – a friend of the dying.
Holding space as you experience the sacred
and powerful final rite of passage.

About Belinda-Jane

Belinda-Jane has entered her fourth decade in private practice. She has lived, travelled and studied in five countries culminating in the writing and facilitating of a course for her clients – Elements of Life, a Simply Sacred System.
A foundation prioritising Contribution and Service has been established.
The goal of Belinda-Jane’s unique course is to provide her clients with the skills and tools to navigate and negotiate their lives from a place of connection,
power and control.
What follows is a life of clarity, calm and ascension toward all they are and wish to be.
One learns to stand still, allowing the internal world to reveal
the only healing answer you seek.