Letting Go

Letting Go

From the moment we are born, we are taught to hold on. I believe life is more easily lived, once we learn how to let go.

Holding on is entirely against nature. If something is clearly not working for you, give yourself permission to let it go.

Allow it to be replaced by something more aligned to your highest self or highest good – that is the part of yourself you aspire to be.

All problems stem from not feeling loved, loveable, worthy, valued, worthwhile, special, good enough and so on…

As you learn the tools to let go, you have a unique opportunity to manifest your reality free from these feelings.

It always works. It is rare in life to be able to state something so definitively. Only evolved or transforming therapies can say as much.

There are, however, two prerequisites.

Firstly, be ready for change. Occasionally, someone comes to me because someone else wants them to change. I gently remind them they are wasting their time and money (two important pillars we will visit later).

Secondly, decide whether you have suffered enough. It may sound like a very strange question, still, once answered, the letting go process may begin. Are you ready to relinquish your need to suffer?

The work of letting go is not achieved through talk therapy. One will never transform by being massaged into being comfortable feeling uncomfortable, allowed to sit where they are, eternally running in ever increasing circles. As mentioned previously, this work requires courage and honesty.

Letting go toward change can be painful as the ego struggles to maintain it’s strange hold. The relief is achieved in the blink of an eye.

When we let go, life simply flows through us and makes us acutely aware of our blockages. You are then able to view them  without prejudice or fear. You acknowledge them, learn from them, then lovingly let them go.

Simply allowing this flow is so rewarding, all clients enjoy this session. Their faces filled with pure relief, there is no more pretence, no fear and no expectations.

With a renewed Faith in life’s natural process, we become an aware witness, with a loving allowance of our self and others.

As we let go, there is a sense of quiet control, peace, ease and pride.

Underneath all we have held together and onto, is the place where we are and always have been the same.

Namaste – I greet the place where you and I are one.


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