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What can I expect from the Elements of Life course?

The six week course, ideally in a weekly session of 1.5 hours, is set in the comfortable and confidential environment of Belinda-Jane’s own home in Avalon on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. The first step of this practice is for the client to learn how to let go of all the things in their lives which no longer serve them. The process then moves to tuning into what does work well for the individual.

Belinda Jane will then help the client use the latter information to guide the practice of being exactly who you are and who you want to comfortably be.
The client may then learn meditation or self-hypnosis to help them remain connected and continue on their chosen path. Of course, they have access to Belinda-Jane during this time of change.

Belinda-Jane is also available for one off appointments (it’s not necessary to complete the full course). Single sessions at times of crossroads or need have been found to be extremely beneficial and clarifying.