I spent the last 24hrs dancing between moments of madness and absolute bliss. Angelica and I went winter clothes shopping for her yesterday. After three hours she found me between the racks, her ample bra cup positioned on my head, yamaka fashion, with the strap under my chin, at which time she realized I may need a break and something to eat!

Later, her final sign I was close to the edge, as the lifeblood was sapped from my body by the brightest lights and loudest music, she returned to the change rooms, where she found me slumped on a bag of our purchases with my sunglasses on!

We laughed all day, walked arms linked, dragging parcels together.

In contrast, early this morning, my mother and I walked Avalon Beach, as the sun so young in the sky warmed our day. We breathed and strode out knowing this was divine because it was simple and free. As those negative ions calm and clear us, again I walk, arm in arm with a part of myself.

They say, teenagers are sullen, silent and sulky.

When clients say, he never speaks to me or she goes into her room, I don’t see her for hours. I say, you are so fortunate. My teenagers both talk at the same time, they leap out on each other from dark doorways and scream abuse occasionally between rooms. Sometimes I would give anything for silent and sulky!

They say, the best things in life are free, and they are right.

Always carry water and a smile when you shop and only go once a season

Never miss an opportunity to experience and enjoy deep gratitude.


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