Why Evolve Psychology

Why Evolve Psychology

The very simple difference between standard clinical psychology and Evolved Psychology is this…

The spiritual pathology that sits before me is more relevant than anything that has gone before.

The symptoms, stories, diagnosis we learn to embody and climb inside, are not healing. Nor are they really Truth Telling, they are merely perceptions.

No matter what has happened, where you are from, what your parents did or didn’t do, how you have or haven’t related – here you are.

You have arrived here in this sometimes frail and frazzled moment because you have suffered enough and are ready to change. Change, meaning a shift or movement more toward who you are and wish to be authentically.

I don’t care about anything else.

That’s not true, I do care. I care so deeply. However, I don’t mind.

The particle of life that sits before me has layers and filters they have viewed their life through and then as a result, created their self.

Evolved psychology does not do that, as this method is fraught with danger. Everyone is scared that being exactly as they are is just not good enough.

Standard psychology searches for what is wrong.


The only reason I allow psych into the equation at all is because at its roots, in its purest place, psyche means Breath or principle of life, Soul and logia – meaning speech, words or reason.

Basic psychology today is concerned with the science or study of the mind and our resulting behavior. The particle of Life our mind is trying to wrap its head quite literally around, has no bearing.

It is well known that as I studied psych both in college and university, I was seen to be a trouble-maker, a rule-breaker, a challenger and ultimately a defector.


When I returned from Los Angeles having studied hypnotherapy with the master Gil Boyne, I would not register in Australia nor have I ever registered under our current health care system. Our system does not provide health nor care for the one place requiring it – the Soul. This Soul sends messages every minute of every day, it constructs stories and endeavours to remove filters we fight so desperately to keep in place to disconnect and blind us.

So that said, at 55 I remain more determined than ever. Psyches and Souls are not disordered nor diagnosable mental illnesses. They are breaking down beings endeavouring to break through.

In their journey to be whole, they require little. It is not a complex, nor is it complex. A deep residing connection to their selves; their already perfected chord of the universe.

At their core, they each already possess a Purpose & Passion, a contribution to make and their reason for being that completes them.

Most hunger for intimacy, and opportunity to share and show the internal particle of truth, a diamond of perfection.

Each one of us is born through a mother as a result of a relationship with our father. Be it good or bad, lasting or not, we came because we already are a being. Our family of origin only teaches us about who we are, it does not create us nor mould us like a piece of plasticine.

You already are – your life is Divinely Designed to simply show you that. We incarnate to the relationship which resonates at the same frequency as the spark we already are. 

We incarnate through these portals or vessels to awaken our nature, our essence, our gift.

Are you beginning to see why my lecturers shook their collective head and my contemporaries urged me to roll with the system with all its flagrant flaws?

And one thing I also know for sure, yet not able to voice, was this imperative truth. Upon our first Breath, our last one is decided. Upon incarnation, our dis-incarnation is assured. Of course you answer, however here is the kicker. No matter what you do, feel or eat, you will die at exactly that same moment.


You are, you have, an allocation – an allotted quantity – of Money, Time, Energy and Love. And it will find you – no matter what.

For some clients this is a relief, for others who need control over outcome, impossible to accept. This sometimes difficult to dawn realisation is why I sit with those who embrace or remember that they are simply spirit, having a human experience. This truth changes everything in my practice, in my world and in the world in general.

Our perception of birth and birthing changes as we realise the baby chooses not only its parents, place and position in the family; it’s aligned with what it needs to heal.


So the child is not like the parent, in fact the parent is like the child. They have the opportunity or challenges of being the new, improved, evolved version – so to speak.

Everything on some level is a choice. Right from conception, when the energy resonating through some body most closely aligns with you. The frequencies match; the dance of Life Force continues evolving.

I remember the blame during the eighties and nineties placed upon the parents. I simmered silently as we collectively abdicated our responsibility to be who we are and sledged it totally at the vessels who ushered us in. The character traits of these folk are our first Truth Tellers.

Psych 101 – a sentence about your mother, one about your father, and then a result; one weaving them together.

Mine – my mother was extremely independent, a trailblazer, a server, a martyr and chronic perfectionist.

My father had presence, he was a compulsive liar, extremely stubborn and was happiest alone.

I learned to Let Go from my mother, not by watching her do it, but only surviving by learning how to do it. From my father, my Truth Telling compulsion began or awakened. They evolved me as I evolved them. Just as you are – your evolved parents. If you so choose to wake up to that.

So I would never criticise or judge the talk around, label, diagnose and strategise modality – however I cannot be a part of it. It serves many to simply open up and be heard. Will it evolve them? I don’t believe so. It is an excellent first step, if you don’t begin and end there. Unless of course that is where you wish to begin and end.

To evolve holds secrets, meanings and a depth of soul kisses, unfathomable unless you’ve felt it. Feeling that G.O.D. particle of yourself is the healing.

It’s that simple.

Your hypnotic place is home, it is only there we truly align, safely and securely. Everyone goes to the same place. Their place in their particle of the whole.

Your opportunities, challenges and choices deliver you to your preordained end. The physical truth of this rests patiently and purposefully in your DNA. Your nature chooses what to do with that. You move toward Soul Settling, and feel Faith. You move away from it – you feel fear. You feel nothing, you heal nothing. You medicate, you get a break, however you’re suspended, marking time, treading water. And that’s okay too, as long as you acknowledge and take responsibility for that choice.

There are no mistakes, nothing is wrong with you. You can call it whatever you like; the truth remains. You are simply energy working your stuff out through a body so you can feel, explore, experience and express. Your mind then processes these feelings and you choose either you do or don’t tell yourself the truth of who you are and wish to be.


We Let Go of all we are not.

We Tune In to all we are.

We practice being that.

And finally, we learn to remain connected.

Then and only then is our Soul our pilot.


Always know your soul holds every answer. Feelings are the language of the Soul and are linked to an inner knowing that this is true.

Never deny your feelings.

They say the truth will set you free, and they’re right.

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