What’s wrong with you…

What’s wrong with you…

It has been my experience that over-diagnosis and prescribing may be the single most counter-productive and disempowering paradigm we experience.

That is telling you by definition, you are something, or have something, and therefore should expect an associated outcome.

As a culture, we have arrived at a place where we anticipate or depend on something being wrong with us.

We gather as many symptoms as we can muster, we have them organised in neat little disorders or diseases and leave it there.

There is no evidence that defining a person by their diagnosis or prognosis is at all helpful or aids in their healing. Human souls can not be pigeon-holed. I see clients who have, in the past, climbed inside definitions and unhappily sat there, powerless to change. It is my view this needs to be let go of before any healing or movement is possible long-term.

This is the domain of Evolved Psychology, Wholistic Healing and Therapeutic Hypnosis.

Psychology defined is the study of the personification of the soul – I suggest we do that.

What if the symptoms are simply messages your body or mind are sending you in order to change something you are thinking or feeling?

And, what if, when you listen to these messages the symptom changes, subsides or disappears. Sometimes we need the opportunity and freedom to allow and experience them, not mask or block them with drugs. Antibiotics (meaning anti-life) being a simple yet, epidemic example.

Many years ago I saw a Chinese Doctor who only treated by feeling your pulses, examining your tongue and asking a hundred questions. He only prescribed Chinese medicine in capsules he has refined. He knew of my work, and exposed a secret.

A large part of his practise was treating doctors of western medicine, heads of medical faculties and drug research and development companies. He treated and healed their arthritis, heart disease and cancers. When I asked why they didn’t change their modality and teachings, he just laughed, and said, “Then what would they do? What would everyone do?”

Either as an individual or as a culture, if you invest in dis-ease and that’s your focus, then that is precisely what you’ll get. This is a huge industry, a way of life and for many their livelihood.

What if our focus were to shift to being well, feeling, reacting and responding well? Rather than starting at what is wrong with us and working backward.

What if we recognised that there are energetics at play, spirit to acknowledge and karma to work through?

I studied further, leading me to the work of:

  • Dr Deepak Chopra – Unconditional Life
  • Dr Wayne Dyer – Real Magic
  • Dr Michel Odent – on Birth
  • Dr Elisabeth Kubler-Ross – on Death and Dying

I decided all that was wrong with us was that we were looking in the wrong places, asking the wrong questions, listening to too many test results, taking too many prescription drugs, eating the wrong foods, then trying to repair irreparable damage.

One anecdote I will share (I have hundreds) opened my eyes and my heart twenty-five years ago.

When I lived in New York, AIDS was at it’s most terrifying and misunderstood. It’s idea terrorised the society. There were clinics testing blood, tears, sweat and saliva, and linking the results to the patients T cell count. The findings were astonishing. Tears of joy, pain and grief all tested differently and so did everything else – results changed accordingly. The body was sending messages. Little or no research was done.

We wait until somethings wrong with us, until the immune system is in dangerous deficit, energy ceases to circulate freely, nurture and nourish through the digestive track is disallowed or the heart is broken. Then, we act or seek help.

 Never wait until there’s something wrong with you.

Always know your mind, body and energy is sending you messages every minute of every day.

They say we all walk around in circles and suppose, when the secret sits in the centre and knows.




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