The Alchemy of Change

The Alchemy of Change

Before I begin on any path of transforming therapy with a client I always discuss, with each individual, how this choice will change their lives. And it will change your life – to realise that you have all the knowledge, energy, power and love within you; right now as you’re reading.

This, along with the tools you’ll relearn over the next 5-6 weeks and a sincere desire to change, is it really. It will be as simple or as difficult as you expect it to be. I will discuss mental expectancy later.

Everything you have achieved in your life to date, you were only able to do because you held the firm belief that these things were possible.

How amazing it feels to be fully in control of emotions presenting as depression, misdirection, confusion or fear – learning from them and where they come from, then letting them go.

As you take responsibility and no longer treat indecision, procrastination or apathy as a habit – a response you’ve always had – you will shift your physical, emotional and spiritual processes to work for you in fully integrated co-operation, wasting no energy on past patterns. You’ll be free to use your energy, to fill your deepest needs and your heart’s desires.

What you truly believe about yourself and your life is what you’ll get. This is the universal law of mental expectancy. We work with this tool and image rehearsal extensively during this session.

Unlike other therapies, hypnotherapy acknowledges and incorporates the spiritual side of healing and change, where the individual feels more complete and integrated on all levels.

I would certainly never claim to understand everything we touch, however I have seen extraordinary changes in my clients lives, in both the short and long-term.

By nature, life is impermanent. Nothing stays the same. Therefore, to positively embrace change, is powerful.

When given license to change toward who you are and who you want to be, magic happens in your life.

All you really know how to do or be, is to be you. So, let me assist you in doing this magnificently.

They say change is as good as a holiday, it is actually better because you never need to come back.

Never say “should”.

Always embrace change.


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