In my career, I have had a unique insight shared by those nannying or minding our children. They have watched as clients walk up the path, heads down, dejected, solemn and sad.

They say, 90 minutes later they emerge, like they’re walking on air, evidently striding, heads up, more open and free. What a great job I have, to encourage a person to connect with a sense of this.

Everyone who walks through my door is brave. Often never having asked for help before, they have suffered enough.

They want change.

Sometimes the human animal hangs on simply because it doesn’t know how to let go. Usually together, we find the way that first session. We create a plan. It is courageous to admit you are stuck or scared, and I sit in awe, they already have my deepest respect.

Finally, I know whatever they’ve been through to arrive at this place, is way harder than what they’re about to do.

Always reach out when you’ve suffered enough.

Never ignore your inner-tuition.




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