They say… Always… Never.

They say… Always… Never.

As a counsellor, I have the privilege of holding thousands of secrets. That vault, for me, is a sacred place. Personally, I am, by nature, private and protective. On so many levels, blogging goes against everything I’ve been.

So they say…

My children have often asked in the past, who they are. I answered, they are the ones we listen to until group consciousness shifts and folklore becomes fact. I just fell short of explaining, they can also be huge corporations or governments who have a vested interest in us believing their spin doctors or “proven” data. So, at the risk of becoming one of them, here I go: my maiden blog.

People have often joked or scoffed regarding my lack of technology. I smile and wonder if their eyesight since birth, meant lines of writing or numbers, jumped around like termites in a row, how often they would text, tweet or commit hours a day to a computer.

Lacking “outsight”, I have developed a little insight. Luckily, not driving, I have had time to be in one place, to be, to allow, to appreciate. My practice has provided me with a privileged position and abundant opportunity to connect, assist and to serve – for this I am truly grateful.

Being Mr Diplomatic, calm and reserved, my husband heaved a sigh and his eyes widened when I announced Emerald Communications suggested I begin a blog.
“Well, you would be the most opinionated person I know,” – he quickly covers himself with – “It’s a good thing. You have a clear view on most things.” Well saved Mr Hunt.

To close, I recall a conversation with our 20-year-old daughter, Indigo, when she overheard me reminding our 4-year-old, “Don’t you remember what Mumma explained about having patience?”
“Clearly, those who cannot do, teach.”
Thanks Indigo.


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