Marriage is not a romantic notion, it is a commitment to a partner for life.

Everything else in life we maintain, service or repair without a second thought. Marriage, however, a basis for safety, security, balance and family – we allow to muddle through unattended.

Marriage is an old fashioned construct and mostly, it fails – which is why I offer pre-marital counseling. The concepts outlined can clarify the set-up before bad habits arise. I love it because I know then, we have a very good chance of ultimate long term success. You have to love the dynamic dance of the marriage before it begins. You learn to hold it in a sacred place, and dance it together. This is when roles can be clearly defined.

Marriage can be deep, powerful and rewarding. It’s intimacy knows no bounds, it’s healing is immeasurable if handled properly; this type of relationship requires only vigilance and tender loving care. It is a support system that works.

One requirement is that you keep it wholely. I use that spelling for those who look for religious icons when first coming to see me. I use universal principals and symbols often as you’ll see.

Balancing nature and nurture, which is the sign of the cross, is only religious when you recognize what that word means – to realign your Self with your Life.

Peace, for me is not a throw-away platitude, it is exactly what I want for you.

Never expect another to change.

Always throw Love at it.