As messy as life appears to present itself, I’ve grown to understand, there is a symmetry woven into its seasons.

The only thing one can truly do well is bring yourself to it.

There is a relationship there waiting. The most important one in fact.

I explain to my clients, what I learned in Philosophy101; Universe means One Song.

Then I tell them that without their chord, the Universe is left unfinished, incomplete and again, left waiting. Your essential part is left unwritten.

Seeking wholeness, when one considers its importance to the whole, may shake you. So, Life is not just about you? Short answer, no, it is not.

Life is not a struggle, though the way you struggle is an important component. Its Divine Design helps us to understand it, release and relinquish our need for it and addiction to it.


I remember being with Buddhist monks on a retreat, hearing and absorbing how and where they placed struggle. I would quote Kahlil Gibran, firstly because they’d never heard of him and secondly, because for me, it is the truth, “Love is life’s longing for itself.” The longing may involve struggle but it is not its purpose.

Together we arrive at that place in the work. We are Love. All the rest is vitriol; the struggling, trying, coping, dealing and pushing until we arrive at this simple, yet not easy Truth.

The search for Authenticity may be wretched and harrowing for some Truth Tellers. Still, this doesn’t mean they can escape having to do it – until they don’t.

People often ask, “Why didn’t I get this before?” to which I respond, “As with all of us, you simply weren’t ready and wouldn’t have heard.”

This is precisely the moment my humanity speaks as I explain how we all waver in and out of Authenticity, till then.

Being beside ourselves helps us gain sharp, yet uncomfortable perspective.

I am at my most authentic when I work. I feel grounded, centred and honoured.

My Purpose and Passion fills each and every cell, pure, perfect self-expression.

Something I may have struggled with 15 minutes before, or dislocated from an hour or so after.

This makes me human. My humanity is messy. However, because I know pure clarity is possible and available to me, I must realise I have choice.

This choice, of course, has biblical proportions. If life gave us no choice, how bored would we be? How would we evolve? How could we understand, recognise or appreciate contentment, connection and peace once we arrive?


One of our questions in the Elements of Life Workbook is:

“When do you pretend?”

I’d like you now to consider this, make a note, write it down, ask “why”.

Then, what would happen if I stopped pretending?

You have a responsibility, a duty of care, to perfectly self-express. It is actually all you have to do.

What if we stopped being lazy?

What if we Let Go of our fear of being wrong? Or of our need to make our life relative to the facts of someone else’s experience.

What if we connected to our emotional intelligence and felt for ourselves in this moment?

In 26 years, you know what I’ve never heard… “I deeply connected to my truth, I felt wholeheartedly within and for myself, but then as it turned out, I was wrong”… Never, not once.

Wrongness only occurs through inauthenticity or reliance upon the good opinions of others.

There are no mistakes only opportunities and challenges.

Grow toward yourself, into a deeper aligning of your truth. Touch only this moment, this feeling, this circumstance, opportunity or challenge.

Decide differently, sit authentically.


They say the Truth will set you free – and they are right.

Never align to the expectations of others, there is no clarity for you there.

Always endeavor to strike your chord, feel it resonate within you, then watch it work its magic in all you do and all you are.

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