Beauty – Myth or Majesty

Beauty – Myth or Majesty

True beauty is the essence of something – not the thing itself; a beautiful scent, sound, soul.
Intuitively, we need to learn to look deeper, feel and notice more, to disregard superficiality and replace it with a more naturally inspired essence.

As a very young child, I recall my entire body would tingle when I beheld a thing of beauty. This is, in fact, how I discovered what beauty is. It was only in later years, I learned, beauty may be relative and objective.

Pop culture’s way of personifying beauty still constantly entertains and mystifies me. It only represents a hairs breadth of this essence, yet has grown to iconic proportions.

Speaking of beauty, is no different to speaking of love. It could and should mean something different to each and every one of us at any given time.

Rumi, my favourite poet, tells us, “Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field – i’ll meet you there.”

I don’t recognise beauty as a superficial thing. It has no size or height, no shape or colour in particular. Beauty emanates from a feeling, a place. It bears no comparison to another. It is unto itself, perfect and right.

When working with female clients, our goal together is to move them gently towards their inner beauty. How can we know when we’ve arrived at this sacred place? One feels peaceful and calm, allowing and in flow with life. It is bliss – the body tingles with recognition of true beauty.

I once had a conversation with my most divine mother-in-law rather early on in our relationship. She holds a distinctly clear perception of beauty. For her, it is a real thing, easily defined and perceived, viewed and decided upon readily. She was surprised as I explained I had never viewed beauty in that same way.

Some desperately seek beauty as a purely female quality – it is not. Dare I even make comment that it is experienced purely in the eye of the beholder. This again, would minimise it to be purely visual – and still, it is not. Then, a blind person could never have experienced true beauty. You can hear it, smell it, touch and taste it – it is palatable.

A thing of beauty is something you resonate with, you feel like merging with, until it becomes you. And that is the attraction of beauty.

Not its cup size, nose shape or age. Not its leg length or bottom in proportion to its waist.

It is grace, ageless and timeless; fleeting and eternal, smooth and soft, textured and coloured, flawed and vulnerable. Most of life holds beauty at its core, so therefore, can never be simply external. An example being the beauty of flowers, the propagation and fertilisation of life itself.

I found Zen to be beautiful. When I lived in Japan, I learned to find beauty in the simplicity of nature, uncluttered and pure. One just came upon it unexpectedly and instantly the mind cleared and the body relaxed.

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
Behold it with all of your senses.

Never limit your experience of beauty, society does not get to choose for you.

Always search for the beauty in everything and everyone.

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