Just Read Genesis

Just Read Genesis

I recall an evening, my husband was at a dinner before a golf tournament he played the following day. Our two girls and I were in a motel room in New Zealand.

Angelica always hungry to read, found a book stored in the top right bedside drawer and began to read Genesis to me.

Although, I had attended Sunday school from 5-9 years old, her rendition and interpretation felt somehow new.

She revelled as the days unfolded and at what God had made. She quickly skipped each reference to God being male or He – because raising girls, her mother had referred to God as female, She, Mother Earth, the creator and carrier of life…

Anyhow, as she arrived at the place of the ark and the gathering of all the animals, two-by-two, I explained how this represented natural selection and how only the strongest and most adaptable survived.

“What a great idea,” she said, “They could love each other and make babies.”

Then, as God named ‘His’ creations, she looked at me wide-eyed, “Mum, did She say, ‘So now, you are a Zebra and your name will be Pokey.'”

I endeavoured to maintain my composure as I informed her that I hadn’t been there, but that well could have been how it went.

Angelica pointed out that it was a lot to do in a day. I continued to remind her it was a story, and that time meant nothing to God.

A day, a million years, here or there, it didn’t really matter. So, the day and night could have taken a long time, land and water even longer and finally the before mentioned two-by-two was a process of evolution, due to enormous changes in weather and time.

After one and a half hours she closed the book and looked up at me, “You know Mum, this is a very good book.” I said many people agreed with her seven-year-old conclusion.

Although she never read it again, other ways of understanding that life leads to death and that energy never dies – it simply changes form – have influenced our girls. As a beginners guide to Time, Energy, Love – it wasn’t a bad one.

Our children didn’t understand the words Christian, Muslim, atheist or agnostic – they didn’t need to. If I had my way, at 18 and 21, they still wouldn’t need to.

Still, to this day, I cannot look at a Zebra without wondering if his name is Pokey…

Always look past the details to find the truth.

Never underestimate the mouths of babes.

They say Eve was created from Adam’s rib… Don’t even get me started.


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